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Booking Process at a glance

Drop us a note and we'll reply with a quotation as well as our availability  
Clarify any doubts and confirm the booking with us via email

Public: 50% deposit / first payment
Govt organisations: billed through Vendors@GOV, no deposit required
Commence designing of your photobooth template
See you on event day!
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What Makes

Props Usage

We don’t just anyhow bring 10-20 generic props for show...

Whoots! Boast the widest range of customised props.

There will always be something for everyone at all events.

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Your guests take charge, nailing that perfect shot every single time.

Apart from having our on-site ambassadors around, the "camera shy ones" can also operate the user-friendly voice prompt enabled system all by themselves via the touch screen live view monitor.


No more of that irritating photographer telling them what they should do and how they should pose.

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Interactive HD Live view Touch Monitor with Automated Voice Prompt

True Studio™ Pro Strobe Lighting System with Canon DSLR Camera


Wise man once said, "Light is as important to a photographer as a scalpel is to a surgeon." We have no idea how important a scalpel is to a surgeon but as photographers we know it's absolutely damn important to have good quality lighting.


All our photos are taken using Canon DSLR with a professional 400-watt studio strobe light filtered through a light box or bounced off a lighting umbrella. We also uses light exposure meter & 18% grey card to calibrate both exposure and white balance accurately at every individual event.


No need to scratch head over those technical jargon, in short your photos will look super awesome, clear and sharp.

What else is included?

  • Unlimited Instant Prints (using industry-leading professional photo printer capable of High Definition print-outs at a rate of up to 8.9 seconds per print.)

  • Protective plastic sleeves

  • Template design service (no whoots branding)

  • HD Live view touch monitor

  • Backdrop selection

  • Plentiful Wacky Props

  • Free Animated Gif upgrade

  • Instant QR download/email photos to guest

  • True Studio™ strobe lighting system

  • Canon DSLR

  • Professional photo printer (9 sec/print)

  • Edited HD soft copies of photos returned

  • Lively team onsite to guide your guests

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